Trackwood – when a dream comes true
We had been waiting a whole year, and now it’s already passed. It is hard to find the words to describe the experience, as this was the race, literally everyone will talk about, even to their grandchildren. Thousands of spectators, more than 100 drivers and an unbelievable, unforgetable experience, one can never get tired of. 
Many of us felt as in a lucid drift-dream. In the depot of the 2016 Trackwood on the right side we could see James Deane, a bit farther Pawel Trela. One car with 1000horsepower was followed by another, we were just turning our heads, thinking we’re dreaming. One name is greater than the other, the pilots - who we watched amazed on the internet - are now here, all in one place.
We must not forget about the Hungarian pilots either, who picked up the gauntlet, and weren’t afraid of the names they were following. Who cares if Steve Baggsy Biagioni knocks on your side door or Andriu Vasilliaukas appears in the rearview mirror. They are only humans and can be defeated – that’s the secret.
The competition began on Friday with the Street category. The unbelievably talented pilots were passing by the wall only with centimeters, precisely, showing their best. The winners of this category this weekend were:
1. David Kuchar
2. Ferenc Nagy
3. Viktória Bauer
Before the awaited night race, the Pro2 category put us all in a good mood, as the pilots were following each other so closely, we couldn’t even put our hands between the cars. Everyone could see what a door-to-door race really means. The final battle was ended by an accident, Oszkar Bocsik drove too close to the wall. But Oszi was not sad, on a race like this nothing can discourage the pilots. The final result of the Pro2 category:
1. Patrik Kis
2. Oszkár Bócsik
3. József Semegi
Later, on this sweet summer night, after a cozy firework show, the awaited final races finally began.
Through the Top32 battles 4 pilots raced their ways close to the podium: James Dean, Max Heidrich, Steve Baggsy Biagioni and András Molnár, everyone’s „Go Bandi”.
First Max Heidrich and Andras Molnar were racing for the 3rd place. Hundreds of spectators were cheering from the tribune, encouraging Andras, who was in a great form throughout the whole weekend. Both pilots dictated a crazy tempo in the dark night, keeping only a few centimeter distance from each other in the snow white smoke. The international judges found the German better.
The final battle was between the Drift Allstars leader James Deane and Steve Baggsy Biagioni, the slightly crazy pilot, who is always fooling around. The battle was a dream, words cannot describe it. Unbelievable starting speed, big smoke and bigger angles, still it all looked like they were dancing, following each other’s movements meter by meter. Goosebumps – all along….
The result of the 2016 Trackwood Drift Festival Pro category:
1. James Deane
2. Steve Baggsy Biagioni
3. Max Heidrich
Knowing the persistence of the organizer, Szabolcs Beres, we surely will meet next year, same place. For those who could not attend… well they can only regret it, and for those who were with us, start to believe it wasn’t only a dream but the reality, though all of us wishing this night would never end.
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2015 Trackwood Winners
EEDC podium:
Pawel Trela
Bartos Stolarski
Andrius Vasiliauskas
2014 Trackwood Winners
EEDC podium:
Kristaps Bluss
Vladimir Marchenko
Ivo Cirulis
2013 Trackwood Winners
EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:
Mateusz Wlodarczyk
Alex Golovnya
Martin Richards
2012 Trackwood Winners
EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:
Max Tvardovskiy
Dmitriy Illyuk
Lakatos Zoltan
Driver info : +36702339977


What we offer in Hungary Máriapócs:

  • 2ha camping area on the track
  • The best ever international and traditional cuisine
  • Local petrol station, supermarket, ATM, club within 10 min
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Massive party zone Live Dj with international music
  • Excellent Hungarian wines, Beers and delicious palinka's (traditional fire-water)
  • Beautiful girls
The cars will drift at the grounds of Rabócsi Ring! International racers are going to practice in the exciting and most spectacular drift-hooks all around the clock. Many professional and amateur drivers have the opportunity to practice and deepen their drift-knowledge.
Location: Country: Hungary / City: Máriapócs / Track: Rabócsi Ring
GPS data: 47.862849, 22.028056


Questions of racers can be sent to:

Local racer coordinator and more information Sms: +36 70 2339977

Why Hungary ??


We invite you to experience our widely known hospitality and the spectacular scenery of the best track in Hungary, the Rabocsi Ring and to try its excellent Drift Race.

Tourism & Drift of Hungary:
* The place (Google Map)
* Hungary Tourismus
* Hungary on Youtube
* Hungary Wiki
* YouTube: Drifting at Máriapócs

Film about famous Hungarians

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26-27. August 2016





2016 Trackwood Winners

Drift Allstars / EEDC podium:

  1. Steve Baggsy Biagioni
  2. James Deane
  3. Max Heidrich


2015 Trackwood Winners

EEDC podium:

  1. Pawel Trela
  2. Bartos Stolarski
  3. Andrius Vasiliauskas


2014 Trackwood Winners

EEDC podium:

  1. Kristaps Bluss
  2. Vladimir Marchenko
  3. Ivo Cirulis


2013 Trackwood Winners

EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:

  1. Mateusz Wlodarczyk
  2. Alex Golovnya
  3. Martin Richards


2012 Trackwood Winners

EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:

  1. Max Tvardovskiy
  2. Dmitriy Illyuk
  3. Lakatos Zoltan


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