Trackwood Festival 2016. Rabocsi Ring - Hungary - Máriapócs


August 25th registrtation from 18:00

August 26th training day

August 27th qualification and race day NIGHT FINALS 


Round 3. EEDC - Eastern European Drift Series 

The crazyest drivers from Europe attending every year. 

Who can beat them ? 



26-27th August         14.- EUR/person valid for 2 days

3-12 year                     8.- EUR/person – valid for 2 days,  (entrance is free for childrens under 3 year )

Parking Tickets          1.- EUR or 300 HUF / day / car



26th August 10.- EUR/person (one day ticket Friday)

27th August race day   12.- EUR/person (one day ticket Saturday)

26-27th August         14.- EUR/person (valid for 2 days, presales price only)

Parking Tickets         1.- EUR or 300 HUF / day / car

VIP TOWER               200.-EUR /person 

Childrens: 3-12 year 8 EUR/person – valid for 2 days, avilable on presales too

entrance is free for childrens under 3 year

* some changes can be done

Questions of racers can be sent to:
Local racer coordinator and more information Sms: +36 70 2339977


What we offer in Hungary Máriapócs:

  • 2ha camping area on the track
  • The best ever international and traditional cuisine
  • Local petrol station, supermarket, ATM, club within 10 min
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Massive party zone Live Dj with international music
  • Excellent Hungarian wines, Beers and delicious palinka's (traditional fire-water)
  • Beautiful girls
  • Tickets:
  • Entrance is free for children under 10 years old
  • Entrance for visitors: 22nd August training day 5 EUR/person
  • Entrance for visitors: 23rd 24th August training and race days 15 EUR/person
  • Link: The place (Google Map)

The cars will drift at the grounds of Rabócsi Ring! International racers are going to practice in the exciting and most spectacular drift-hooks all around the clock. Many professional and amateur drivers have the opportunity to practice and deepen their drift-knowledge.


Location: Country: Hungary / City: Máriapócs / Track: Rabócsi Ring
GPS data: 47.862849, 22.028056


Why Hungary ??
We invite you to experience our widely known hospitality and the spectacular scenery of the best track in Hungary, the Rabocsi Ring and to try its excellent Drift Race.

Tourism & Drift of Hungary:
* The place (Google Map)
* Hungary Tourismus
* Hungary on Youtube
* Hungary Wiki
* YouTube: Drifting at Máriapócs

Film about famous Hungarians

YouTube Csatorna      YouTube Csatorna      YouTube Csatorna   

26-27. August 2016





2016 Trackwood Winners

Drift Allstars / EEDC podium:

  1. Steve Baggsy Biagioni
  2. James Deane
  3. Max Heidrich


2015 Trackwood Winners

EEDC podium:

  1. Pawel Trela
  2. Bartos Stolarski
  3. Andrius Vasiliauskas


2014 Trackwood Winners

EEDC podium:

  1. Kristaps Bluss
  2. Vladimir Marchenko
  3. Ivo Cirulis


2013 Trackwood Winners

EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:

  1. Mateusz Wlodarczyk
  2. Alex Golovnya
  3. Martin Richards


2012 Trackwood Winners

EEDC / Drift Allstars podium:

  1. Max Tvardovskiy
  2. Dmitriy Illyuk
  3. Lakatos Zoltan


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